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Made of AWESOME~!

Societly of the awesomely made!

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All Members

.::R U L E S::.

01. Self-Love!!! You can't be made of awesome if you don't love yourself. Yeah, it does involve quite a bit of self-confidence to be awesome. But no vanity please...check that at the door or we'll check it for you.

02. Your awesomeness can be from any fandom or just from RL. We don't discriminate against fellow awesomes! However, we do retain the right to show you the exit from the group if you prove to be otherwise.

03. Absolutely no flaming other members! Everyone has their own opinion and, while you may not agree with it, it must be respected.

04. And an opinion is just that: an opinion. There are no right or wrong opinions, so don't make wank over who is right or wrong, because no one is. Unless, of course, you have a credible source and/or documented facts.

05. Ads for other communities must be approved by the mods before posting. Don't know how to contact a mod? Check the contact info at the bottom of this page.

06: Please try to be as close to grammatically correct as you possibly can. It's really hard to read something that L@@KZ LYKE DIS! Or worse. ::shudder::

07. We understand that not everyone can spell everthing perfectly. You'll probably find a mistake or two in this very userinfo. But there is a spell check built into LJ for a reason. Please try to use it!

08. Even though we're not an actual fandom, we don't want to end up on Fandom Wank. So no wank. ♥ It's just not awesome.

09. Place long posts and large pictures behind a cut. Don't know if the picture is too big? If it's large in file size, it needs to be behind a cut. If it's bigger than the journal page itself, it needs to be behind a cut. 56kers are still around, and while their internet isn't awesome, they just might be themselves.

10. If ANYTHING you post contains nudity or mature references, we expect a warning. Not everyone likes to look at, or read, that stuff.

11. Everyone from all walks of life, religions, political views and whatever else are welcome. Discussion of these topics are fine as long as there is no wank, as stated before. We do understand that these topics tend to lend themselves to heated discussions. That's okay, too. Just remember to respect opinions and no insulting another member because you don't agree with him/her.

12. All prospective members must apply in our application before joining the community. Membership is moderated for a few reasons: trolls, unawesomeness and just because we feel like it. :D

.::M O D S::.

AIM: Antiform Sora

AIM: rae1206

Warning: Both mods are highly sarcastic. Use with caution.

Note: We made the interests based on what we, the mods, like. We tried to make it a wide range of things to represent our diversity. If anyone is offended or doesn't like something in it, we apologize.