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hex_girl in made_of_awesome

I wish I could remember the entire conversation

I had to share this with everyone, simply because I believe you'll find it funny too.

Josh (USCAN cashier) was asking me about "An Inconvenient Truth." I told him I liked it, found it very informative, and that it did make me feel like we need to do more to save the earth. This led to a discussion about global warming and how the ice caps are melting. I explained how it's estimated that the ocean's level of water would increase about 20 ft if we lost the ice caps and that if this happened, we'd lose most of the Florida coast and, I believe, most of the San Fransisco Bay area. Josh then starts to smile and suggest that after that happens to SF, zombies will rise and start to attack the area and that he's goin' to be there to shoot them. In the end, he equated global warming to the resurrection of zombies and had no problem telling several others so.

I laughed hard at this for a while. Then I told him that if zombies did rise, I'd be hanging with him. He's got guns and ammo out the ass.

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Zombies. XD 'Cause of global warming. Never would have thought of that, but that makes Josh win just that much more.
Yes, you see, if you hang with him you don't have to worry about finding a mall with a gun store in it to hide in! Now that's smart, think he'll let me tag along too? I can shoot too, I'll just have to borrow implements of destruction as well as their "food" >)
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September 2007

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